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An Interlude

August 27, 2008

Introducing a New Feature


Last night Dave told me that I spend more time on cooking websites than anyone else in the world!  Ah, Mr. Hyperbolic Husband strikes again.  But it’s valid to a certain extent.  Now that I’m staying home with Simon, a significant part of my job has become meal-planning (second only, of course, to raising a happy, healthy, compassionate, confident little boy).  And since you all know how much I like to eat, cook, and talk about food, it’s a good deal for me!


So I figured I would share the occasional recipe that we’ve enjoyed recently.  Don’t get too excited; I’m no master of Asian fare (this very morning, I failed to find fish sauce at the grocery store—shouldn’t it reside right by the oyster sauce?  Sigh…).  But since HK has the decency to supply almost all the ingredients for almost any cuisine, we’re eating pretty well.  Oh, and Vivian helps things along, too. J 


Note: any suggestions, comments or changes that I made to the recipe are indicated in orange.  If the recipe is from one source, I’ll cite it, but I rarely use one source…usually I’m combining ideas from several websites and/or cookbooks and/or other cooks’ comments.


Check out the new page: Bite of Hong Kong.




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