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Nomadic Champagne and Christmas in the Northwest–in photos

January 20, 2009

On Travels

First of all, a few quick updates: since November, the following cool things happened.

1.      Dave and I went to a rugby match between the Australia Wallabies and the New Zealand All Blacks.

2.      Erica (my dear friend from college) and her boyfriend, Nick, got engaged!

3.      Becky and Tom (another dear friend from college/Simon’s aunt/godmother and her boyfriend, who visited us in October) got engaged!

4.      I ran a half-marathon.

Now refer back to #3, because there’s a great story to go along with the first photo you’ll see below.  (Photos and comments from #1 and #4 in a later post.)  Becky and Tom have been happily together for a couple years now, and if I may interject a corny but genuine sentiment here, Becky is truly her best self with Tom.  So anyway, the family is thrilled for them. We love Tom.  Some time goes by, and naturally, we all start to think: engagement.

About six months ago, Becky’s parents decide to set aside a nice bottle of champagne, to be opened in the event of the much anticipated, much desired proposal.  Becky and Tom—and indeed, the whole family—are privy to the existence of the bottle, and the blissful couple good-naturedly accepts the inevitable jokes about it at their expense.   But no glimmer of diamond appears on Becky’s carefully monitored left hand.

Eventually a weekend approaches when John and Nancy are headed out of town.  “John, the champagne!” Nancy exclaims as they pack up the car.  “What if Tom proposes tomorrow while we’re in Portland?”

“Good point, dear,” replies John.  “Let’s just bring it along, shall we?”  And so the celebratory bottle of bubbly now becomes the travelling celebratory bottle of bubbly.  Since John and Nancy tend to travel quite a bit, the champagne finds itself a frequent companion on road trips all around the NW: Seattle, Portland, Spokane, the Rogue River…

As he is prone to do, John gets into the spirit of the thing and starts to record the dates, locations and mileage of each journey made by the bottle on its gold foil wrapper.  Now, you already know the joyful ending to this story: Tom proposes, Becky accepts (and my aunt Leslie, upon hearing the news, calls across to Husband Extraordinaire during a party, “Dave, congrats! I hear your family is about to expand!”, which of course causes more than one person to look expectantly—no pun intended—at my belly).

So when the bottle of champagne is finally opened, the total mileage it has accrued over the course of 4ish months is a whopping 2,222 miles (3,575 kilometers).

To make sense of the photos’ chronological order, it might help to know that we flew into Medford to spend Christmas with Dave’s parents, then drove up to Portland for 5 days (during which my sister came down from Seattle to visit), and ended up in Seattle before we flew back to HK on Jan 6.

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  1. rebecca hagelin permalink
    January 22, 2009 9:06 am

    i’m so glad some of the photos i took made the cut! and so glad to got to see some of the other ones. i love you guys! 🙂

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