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A Few More Pics of the Kid

May 30, 2009

You know you’re out for a pretty early run when you actually see the bird getting the worm.  So as I went plodding by a little sparrow this morning who had just hit the jackpot, I had to smile to myself.  But it’s that kind of day in Hong Kong…either get outdoors before mid-morning, or suffer the sweaty consequences.

At Ocean Park And speaking of sweaty consequences, we took the Kid to Ocean Park the other day.  (Now how’s that for a seamless transition?)  This outing could be considered insane on several levels.  First of all, it was Sunday…and no self-respecting Southside resident of Hong Kong goes to Ocean Park on the weekend.  You’re just asking for enormous crowds, each person wielding a camera like a weapon.  And to compound our madness, we chose to go even though the weather promised a high of at least 30 degrees (86 F), which, when you take into account the relative humidity of 85%, can be pretty miserable.

But guess what?  We had a nice time, emerged unscathed, and snapped a few cute photos in the process.  Man, I love being such a rebel.




Panda Cuddling

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